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Course Description

Requirements for the Adult program (Marque Program)

Item must have to qualify:
-Must be 17 years of age and over
-A form of identification (Driver License, ID, birth certificate, etc.)
-Have a Social Security Number

After enrolling in our program you will leave one of our locations with a workbook that you will be taking home with you. Your
work does not have a due date. The sooner you turn it in the sooner you will receive your Diploma. Turn in completed work only.

If you do NOT pass your work you may retake the work you
failed as many times as needed until you pass. Please Note: You will Not be charged again to retake the work you have failed. To drop off your work you do not need to have an appointment, just come during the Office Hours below.

Your FINAL PAYMENT is Due on or before 1 month of your sign up date. If you cannot pay your final payment on time, please feel free to call us so we can make further arrangements. If you drop off your work  before 1 month you must pay your final payment also.

Before you drop off your work make sure the below items are
fully completed.

-6 scantrons with your Name and Scantron #
-4 Essay
-1 Short Story
-1 Bible Summary

Remember you will not receive your High School Diploma
until all fees are paid and work is completed.




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