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Thank you for visiting Marque High School, we were established in 2003 in Texas and offer a High School Diploma Program nation wide for those who either dropped out of High School or are unable to obtain a GED. Feel Free to click around and learn about our programs and all Marque High School to offer. Remember, friends don’t let friends get a GED, Earn your High School Diploma Instead!

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Marque Learning Center is a Home School Organization for adults and teens with several locations in Texas.  We are nationally accredited and our organization is registered with the State of Texas in Austin.

• Complete your work from home
• At your own pace and on your own time
• Receive an accredited High School Diploma upon completion
• Attend any Texas University or Community College
• Lowest tuition cost in town
• More convenient than the GED program

Not sure about ADULT & TEEN home schooling? Give us a call for complete details.
All ages from 17- 99



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